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Spine Support
Spine Support
Pay Attention to Spinal Health during the Era of Vehicles
Is it tired to drive cars? You still have sour waist, backache and leg cramp even though it is not a long journey and even the car is quite spacious and comfortable.
As a matter of fact, if you have the wrong sitting posture in driving, nothing can save your weak spine, no matter how good the car is, instead, you will get very tired, or even get serious spinal problems, and the great potential safety hazards remain.
What to do then?
It is often the easiest way to start correction from the worst posture and thus you can find the problem more intuitively. So let’s first put both the seat back and the car seat at the lowest place.
Next we will do adjustments:
1. Sit on the seat and adjust the height of seat until you can naturally see the two sides of car head, roads and control panel. If the seat is not high enough, use a pad and backrest. The most important is that you do not need to lower or raise your neck to see the road.
2. Adjust the longitudinal position of seat to ensure you can lean back when your foot touches the brake and jams the brake to the floor.
3. Adjust the angle of seat back at 100 to 110 degrees which can reduce the pressure on your lumbar vertebra. Adjust the position of headrest.
4. Adjust the back support device (some are airbag type). You may prepare the waist cushion for old vehicle types.
5. Adjust the gap behind the legs to prevent seat cushion from compressing the rear part of knees. You should not have the obvious squeezing feelings for the back of your thighs.
6. Adjust the seat belt to fit your position, instead of adjusting seat to suit seat belt.
7. Adjust the position of steering wheel and maintain the minimal arm stretch so as to reduce the pressure on your neck and shoulder.
8. Now you may adjust the left, right and middle rear-view mirrors.
9. Frequently adjust the position of your fingers on steering wheel.
• Never treat your car as your small office, since it is not safe at all and always puts your spine under great pressure. It is one of the greatest factors causing lumbar sprain to fetch things at backseat by twisting your body.
• When you have to carry stuff, give yourself the buffer time after getting off, and then carry them.
• Stretch your legs and upper body before getting off. Never get off the car instantly so as to prevent acute back sprain (commonly known as sudden lumbar sprain).
• Get a little stretch at least one time in every two hours.
From the senior physical therapist— Joyce Shen
Wrong Posture Leads to Sudden Lumbar Sprain!
There is a lot of work together with physical strength in your life. You still have to well protect your waist, even though you have the same muscles as Mr. World. People with high risk of back pains need to be more careful. The companions to whom low back pains have even occurred should pay more attention to your cleaning posture. If you are a patient with lumbar disorder, make sure to read through the article and correct the wrong postures and habits in your life.
Generally speaking, among all the common postures, the posture of which most hurts your waist is sitting/straight legs and bending over waist. If you carry stuff with such posture, the situation would get even worse, with the instantaneous and direct pressure on lumbar disc, or even result in intervertebral disc rupture.
Please correct the following postures so as to protect our waist:
1. We can use stepped pace to reduce the pressure from straight legs and bending waist when the cooking bench or wash basin is too low or too high.
2. When you have to pick up stuff on the ground or carry stuff, use lunge squat instead of direct bending down and keep close to stuff when handling them so as to shorten the arm of force. Do the same to hold a baby.
3. The sitting posture of driver is especially important when the driver has to drive for a long way, especially during the Spring Festival peak transportation period. If you adopt such posture, please correct it at once. In case the seat is too long for you, place a support cushion behind your waist.
4. The correct posture is as follows: Currently, the seat of car is more comfortable and ergonomic . You only need to adjust to the proper height, comfortable trampling distance, with good support at your back and waist. If you have good support for your neck, then adjust to the posture in the following picture. The picture shows the support for waist only.
During the Spring Festival holidays, try to avoid the following “dangerous” actions.
The symptoms arising from poor postures will be alleviated gradually provided we take action in posture adjustment and effective sleep. The diseases incurred will be cured for 80% and the rest 20% will be treated by professional medical team.
From the senior physical therapist— Joyce Shen