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EXQUISITE—Drawing inspiration from world luxury hotel and European luxury car industry, Sealy EXQUISITE features perfect combination of modern fashion and classic elegance and adopts advanced ReST coil –true Responsive Support Technology to provide strong
Imperial Century Imperial Garden Imperial Elite Imperial Estate
Diamond Collection
Diamond Collection---Elegant Sealy Diamond Collection adopt SRxII alternating to sense your body weight, and, with more stability. The comfort layer and ComfortCore perfectlyfit your body curve, disperse and eliminate pressure, thus reduce the times of tu
New Alcazar New Palace New Meridien
Platinum Collection
Platinum---With elegant dark brown overall design and American gradient classic design, Sealy Platinum shows its distinctive charm all the time. The advanced SRx II system with alternating coil technology can sense your body weight, with more stability.
Panorama New Splendor New Mirage New Elysee
Premium Collection
Premium---With the inspiration from rose, Sealy Premium adopts SRxII alternating coil technology which can sense the body weight, and, with more stability. UniCased increases the actual sleep surface space and effectively prevent the disturbance from your
Avenue New Maison New Oasis New
KIDS---The specially designed mattresses for Chinese kids, which are suitable for kids’ bone growth. The excellent flexibility and resilience of Posture Tech provides superior support and good protection for kids’ spine. The anti-bac and anti-mite fabric